2019 Tech Trends:
5 Hot Topics to Look Out for Next Year

The year 2018 has come, and it is almost gone. If there is anything we should be thankful for, it is the tech trends that this year brought with it.

We got a continued run of trust in the different cryptocurrencies out there, supported by artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Mobile phones took a peek into the future and deep learning fast became the order of the day.

Some of these will follow us into the next year while some new trends will emerge. Taking all into consideration, here are the top five (5) tech trends to dominate the industry in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has always been in the infancy stage, but the year 2019 is set to change that. The world was usually in a place where AI was being tested out. It was being fed data and studied to see how it would analyze, replicate and use them for better predictions. The concept has had a lot of tasks thrown at it, and it has thrown back many solutions too.Thus, it is at the stage were full deployment will be looked at.

In 2019, organizations will scramble to see just how well AI can be integrated into their businesses.

Augmented Reality

All the way from gamification to marketing to millennials and entertainment, augmented reality is one of the next big things to look out for. These systems make it possible to combine touch, smell, sight (in 3D and more dimensions), touch and location data, among all others, to appeal to the senses of users.

This concept holds a myriad of promise for different industries – from art, entertainment, commerce and finance to the healthcare industry.

Beyond the common application in the entertainment industry, the technology can be used to train professionals better, unveil products… the possibilities are endless.

Internet of Things

It is now possible to link your camera live feed to your devices and access them from anywhere. The same can be done for a couple of other home appliances. But then, how about all of your appliances being able to access the internet in real-time and even make decisions for you based on your preferences?

Machine Learning

Many people make the mistake of lumping this up with AI. Although it is borne of the former concept, this is a new field on its own. How else would you explain treating a computer like it had a brain, so much that itcan be trained to do things which it wasn’t programmed to do? Such is the beauty of machine learning.

This year has seen a lot of breakthrough and scientific debates in the field. Those are bound to continue in 2019, but with more implementations and applications to support it.

With analytics expecting the machine learning market to climb over $8 billion in the year 2021, this is the right time to get started.


Ever since the launch of the internet, this has been a trend that should be expected every year. With great tech comes great responsibility – in managing, handling and keeping it secure. That is why everyone needs to be involved in keeping themselves safe from cyber-attacks.

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Wrap Up

There you have it – the top 5 tech trends to look forward to in 2019. Which of these are you more excited about, and why?

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